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ITV's Planet Woo




Media Platfom & E-commerce

Skills demonstrated

UX Research - Product architecture - UI design - Design systems

A Gen-Z platform designed to make wellness discoverable, aspirational and culturally relevant.

Planet Woo is a feel good shopping concept and media platform on a mission to turn generation anxious into generation zen. An ITV media brand, woo makes wellness discoverable, aspirational and culturally relevant - through the lens of entertainment, products and storytelling.


01 The Problem

The Woo brand was created to be a feel good movement, the antidote to the toxic new cycle with the intention of making

wellness a part of Gen-Z culture. 

The product had been designed by a brand agency to reflect Gen Z visual trends, however little attention had been made to the general usability of the product or design for conversion. As a result the product was underperforming and had high drop off, and low conversion rates.

02 My role

I was contracted by Planet Woo on an ongoing basis to lead UX/UI design on the product, working with the product manager, engineers, creative director, editorial and marketing team to improve both the usability and visual aesthetic of the product. 

We worked project by project on different areas of the product with the key objectives in mind:

- Conversion rate

- User experience (from a Gen Z perspective)

- Visual delight

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